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When getting ready to sell your home feel free to call me to come over and do a walk through so we can put your list together to prepare your home to get top dollar. 

Cindy Lynn Stevens
Broker/ Owner 

Preparing Your Home To Get Top Dollar

Check List of "To DO" to Get You Top Dollar

The Exterior of your Home

1. The Yard

( ) Cut and Edge the Lawn.
( ) Trim bushes & trees removing all dead limbs & debris.
( ) Add fertilizer/ greening agent to lawn & plants.
( ) Remove all weeds from flowerbeds, rocks, & cracks in concrete.
( ) Install/ Inspect decorative metal or stone borders between lawn & planting beds.
( )Clean up rock or mulch beds making sure the rock or mulch covers the ground.... Add more rock/ mulch if needed.

2. Decks, Patios, Driveways, Porches, & Fences

( ) Wash driveways & sidewalks.
( ) Patch holes & cracks.
( ) Remove stains.
( ) Replace any broken areas.
( ) Paint and/or stain fences & decks.
( ) Arrange outdoor furniture & firewood neatly.
( ) Put away all lawn equipment, bikes, & toys.

3. House Exterior

( ) Inspect all exterior elements of home: gutters, downspouts, siding, windows sashes, trim, & shutters. Clean, paint, and/or replace as needed.
( )Replace any broken windows, doors, & screens. Make sure they all operate properly.
( ) Clean windows & screens thoroughly. This helps brighten the home inside.
( ) Roof: Inspect for missing/ damaged shingles & flashing. Make any necessary repairs.
( ) Clean & touch up paint on the little things: House numbers, mailboxes, doorbells, etc…

4. Front Porch: Extra Attention Needed! Needs to feel welcoming

( ) Replace front door if damaged & can not be repaired.
( ) Paint door & trim.
( ) Clean porch area.
( ) New & clean doormat.
( ) Install potted/ hanging plants if space permits.
( ) Have a nice porch light. Repaint, clean, or replace. Install high wattage bulbs to make porch area brighter.

5. Interior


( ) Clean windows & screens.
( ) Clean curtains, drapes, & blinds.
( ) Clean carpets. If pet stains exist replace carpet & pad.
( ) Clean & wax wood floors.
( ) Clean vinyl & ceramic floors.
( ) Clean, paint, replace all vent covers.
( ) Clean, polish, paint/stain wood trim in home.
( ) Be sure to remove pet odor & smoke odor when cleaning. Smell is a huge part of what buyers remember about your
home.You may want to add plug ins or scented warmers
( ) Remove wallpaper & borders (this is a personal taste & buyers see work when they see wallpaper).
( )Freshly paint home using white, off white or beige paint. This will match the buyers furnishings.
( ) Repair damages to walls & ceilings. Includes: holes, cracks, & water stains. Repaint after repair.
*Make House Light & Bright!*
( )Clean all lamp shades & covers.
( ) Replace bulbs with high wattage bulbs.
( ) Clean windows & screens.
( ) remove extra furniture to make room appear larger

2. Closets

( ) Remove out of season clothing from closets.
( ) Leave only a few items on the floor of closets.
( ) Add extra, empty hangers.
( ) Neatly arrange items on shelving.
( ) Leave extra space on shelves.

3. Pay Attention to the Little Things

( ) Tighten loose door knobs.
( ) Fix any leaky faucets.
( ) Tighten loose towel racks.
( ) Oil any squeaky doors or drawers.
( ) Arrange furniture to give an open feel. Remove any unnecessary or over sized in garage if you have you do not have a storage unit
( ) Make sure all switches & outlets are clean & working properly.
( ) Place fresh flower arrangements throughout home  in kitchen or on dining table is best unless there is an entrance table
( ) Make sure windows open & close with out squeaking.
( ) Hide Prescription medication. Theft of these items is rising.

4. Kitchen & Baths

( )Thoroughly clean all counter tops, appliances, mirrors, ovens, sinks, toilets, tub, & shower walls.
( ) Store small appliances to open up counter space.empty counters makes the kitchen appear large and clean
( )Clear off vanity counter tops & store all personal care items neatly.
( ) Clean ventilating hood & exhaust fans.
( ) Remove rust stains.
( ) New knobs on drawers & cabinets make a difference.
( ) Clean & organize drawers, cabinets, & linen closets.
( ) Clean all tile grout & caulk. (Suggest Clorox Bleach Pen & Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, or similar product).
Re-caulk areas that can not be cleaned.

5. Garage, Basement, Attic, & Storage Areas

( )Dispose of everything you are not going to move.
( ) Arrange items neatly & clutter free.
( ) Consider painting walls & ceilings white.
( ) Remove stains & dirt from floor.
( ) Paints floors gray.
( ) Organize garden tools & equipment.
( ) Wipe off dirt/cob webs from water heater, furnace, washer & dryer.
( ) Cure water problems in basement. Seek professional advice if needed.

This list may seem long and demanding but it can be the difference in getting an extra 10k to 30k . Most of the items are more time consuming then costly. Try to plan ahead when you are going to sell so you can have enough time to prepare the home. I will come to your home and give you a personal walk through because each home is different. I am very thorough and know what needs to be done to get you the extra money.  If you are in a time crunch and must sell right away and do not have time for all these items I can let you know a few things that are quick that can still help you out to make it sell quick. You may also want to consider having a one time clean up done professionally to save you time.